The Shoemaker Never Has Shoes

So it is time to make a blog.

After first start with web back in late 90s a lot of html, javascript, css, have gone thru our keyboards. But somehow it was always for a happy customer - we have unhappy too but we don’t brag about them!


  • Company - no news is a good news, except in the rare cases we have permission from our customers to show off them. And what we did for them!

  • Tech is moving faster and blogging about latest tech helps to keep up. It’s on the TODO list for a long time. Blog about past, current and future projects. As the tech become more diversified the reseach we do yeilds atleast several options. We need to compare, review and test them.

  • Life - Life happens and you do make it happen. We are not computers, how lucky we are? So from time to time we need to be reminded that there is more than tech in the world out there.